Recent Design: Living in Yellow (Custom Blogger Design)

Wowza! I have been so busy with designing that I didn't get around to posting about this wonderful blog redesign on here. A few weeks ago, I installed a new design for one of my favorite bloggers, Erin over Living in Yellow. If you have never stopped by her blog, then stop what you are doing right now and head on over. Seriously. I promise you will not be disappointed. She is hilarious and her posts are always bound to be entertaining. She is one funny gal, that's for sure! 

She recently remodeled her office (check it out here...it's too cute for words!) and she wanted her new blog design to match. I knew as soon as I saw the pics of her office that I was going to have WAY too much fun designing the blog. And sure enough...fun I had. 

Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with, Erin!
 Enjoy your new design & I will be awaiting your arrival to come decorate an office for me ;)
(I'm sure the roomies won't mind if I clear out one of their rooms to do so. I don't see a problem in that. Haha.)


  1. You are theeeeeeeeee best. Absolutely the best. Thank you so much for working your magic. You did an incredible job and I am so lucky to have had the chance to work with you.

    PS. I will be over soon for that office remodel ;)

  2. seeing your LIY redesign made me want you to do mine! once i reach my goal of a certain # of followers i'll be coming back!! :)

  3. I love Erin's design - so cute! You are definitely one of my top choices for when I make the jump to a professional design!


  4. You know I live the design too. Living in Yellow is how I heard about you.


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