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Ends 12/31/2012.



I'm a little late on the Cyber Monday deal-io, so I figured I'd have a Cyber Tuesday Flash SALE instead! My most popular premade blog design "Chic & Sleek" is $10 off for today only (11-27-12).


Spruce up your Ad Options!

Looking for a fun & informative way to present your sponsorship/service options? Custom graphics help your readers visualize exactly what they're getting! Check out this latest graphic I did for Living In Yellow:

Contact for more information on how to order custom graphics!


Featured Design: The Farmer's Wife

Super fun design alert. When Amy over at The Farmer's Wife came to me looking for a new design, right away, I had so many ideas running through my head from the beginning. It's not often I get to do "country-chic"in my designs, so it's safe to say that my country roots loved it.

Here's what Amy had to say about the vision for her new design:
"My blog is about my daily life. I LOVE fashion, and try to incorporate that in. I am also a farmer’s wife, hence the name of the blog “The Farmer’s Wife.” … I don’t however want my blog to scream “redneck in overalls” type of blog."

I'm glad our visions were similiar, Amy! After taking into account the color palettes she gave me, and a little country-chic, here's the design I came up with!

Thanks for being such a great client, Amy!

And for everyone else, stop over to her blog to read her hilarious & adventurous blog!



Reserve a Custom Design Spot in 2013!

After limiting custom blog designs the past few months, I'm happy to announce that I'm opening up about 5 new spots for the beginning months of 2013. 

Here are some of my recent custom design projects!
Spots will fill up in the coming weeks, so be sure to contact me to reserve your spot for the new year!

Details on custom blog design here!


Featured Design: Life After...

Oh boy did I love working on this design for Kay over at Life After. (I know I say that a lot on here, but I truly love working on each and every one!) Kay is mom to a super adorable little boy, and her blog talks about just that!

She gave me some fun color palettes to work with, but for the most part let me have fun with it! I wanted her blog design to be light & fun, to reflect her bubbly personality (trust me...her blog is hilarious.)

Take a look at the final design!

Enough of my talking...get yourselves over to Kay's blog to see the design live and in action!



Premade Blog Designs
(Affordable & Quick Facelift!)

Looking for a fast blog design facelift? With the relaunch of my website, I added ALOT of fun, fresh, and new premade blog design templates! Take a look:
You can place an order or just check them out here!


Custom Blogger Design: Miss Tweedle

My oh' my was this a fun & colorful design to work on. Katie over at Miss Tweedle had a clear vision on what she wanted her new design to be.
Her goal for her blog is for it to become  the "it" blog for the new homemaker. With her talent for cooking, sewing, and more...I have no doubt her blog will spread like wild fire.

Here's part of the "vision" she gave to me to work with:

"Black bold capital font right across the middle of the header quite big saying "Miss Tweedle". Above it, the black silhouette of Miss Tweedle hanging things on the clothesline with heels on and a crinoline apron and the clothes on the line are bright colours like turquoise, fuschia, orange, yellow, lime green and neon pink."

In addition to her home page design, I did 2 custom content pages for her. Custom pages not only help unify your blog, but they also help readers easily navigate around it!

I love being able to take a client's "vision" and make it come to life through design! Thanks for being so great to work with, Katie! Hope you're enjoying your fresh new design! :



Custom Blogger Design: Tiffany Leigh Interior Design

Boy do I have a treat for you all today! I got the opportunity to work with Tiffany over at Tiffany Leigh Interior Design to redesign her blog. She came to me knowing exactly what she wanted, but just needed someone to make it come to life. It was so fun to take her vision and create a web presence that portrayed her as the super talented interior designer she is.

Take a look at the final design AND be sure to scroll down to see the sketch she sent me! 
This is the sketch she sent me!

"First impressions count. That's why I decided to invest in a total blog redesign.
I hired Melissa because her rates are fair and her portfolio is stunning.
She was friendly and professional throughout the entire redesign process, even assuring me that I wasn't being a clientzilla (even though I totally was...a nice one though!). I had a clear vision for the design I wanted, and Melissa really brought it to life. I couldn't be more pleased with the final look! 

Since the launch of my redesign, my number of followers and page views has grown considerably. I'm so excited that Melissa has expanded her services and am looking forward to working with her again in the future"

How fun is that? Making her vision come to life was SO fun. Stop over to her blog and give this budding interior designer some blog love!



Custom Blogger Design: The Daily Tay

Okay, folks. Today's feature blog design was for the oh-so-hilarious Taylor over at The Daily Tay. (Not kidding. This girl is laugh-out-loud funny.)

She came to me wanting a very simple, chic design for her daily lifestyle blog. She already knew she wanted a black, white, and yellow color scheme, so the next step was for me to come up with a way to incorporate these colors into her design.

She also knew she wanted to somehow incorporate images into the header. Many times, my clients know exactly what they want, they just need someone else to make it come to life. So that's where I came in. I love being able to take a simple idea and transform it into a design they can be proud of!

Take a look at the finished product!

"I asked Melissa for a design that was "clean, classy and chic." Low and behold, within just hours of installation I already had comments from readers describing my new layout with those exact words! Melissa magically captured the image I had in my head, and transformed it onto my new blog. Melissa was patient, kind and courteous every time she'd send me a new proof and I found a  little detail or button I wanted her to implement. If my words aren't enough to convince you, I'll let the numbers speak for themselves- literally within the first twelve hours of having my new design live I jumped up about 20 followers. You're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but nobody ever said you can't judge a blog by its design. I would absolutely recommend Melissa to any blogger who is contemplating getting a new design. If you're like me, you're on your blog for numerous hours a day, why not make it looks its very best?"

-Taylor at The Daily Tay

Okay peeps, go over and read her blog! I promise that you will be very entertained. While you're there, check out her header design live and in action!


Custom Blogger Design: Type A Kitchen

This custom blog design over at Type A Kitchen was super fun to work on! Allison came to me wanting to incorporate a cutting board pattern into her design somewhere. I love when the opportunity comes to add photographic elements into designs, and I was excited to see what I could think up. 

I wanted to keep the design very clean, in order to stick with that "Type A" theme. So the challenge was to find a balance between the wood pattern & clean-cut typography. After some thought, I decided to design the navigation bar & sidebar labels to look like the type was engraved into the wood. 

Allison also loved the font "Just Another Hand," so we incorporated it along with the bold serif fonts for the header. 

Check out the final design below!

If you're looking for a blog FULL of recipes & food photography, you need to stop over to her blog! Oh, and while you're there, check out the design in action!



Latest Blog & Logo Design: Edit

Okay people. I have to say that is one of my favorite blog designs of all time! I think mainly because of the color palette these wonderful ladies gave me to work with. Edit is made up of 2 sisters and their mom, who recently started a lifestyle blog based in Kansas City. They are planning to grow their blog into an actual boutique in KC, and needed a logo & blog design to brand themselves for this new venture.

So that's where I came in. They wanted their logo to be simple, yet fun. Something that had a tie to typewriters. I designed their logo to subtly resembler typewriter keys. With this simple logo, they will be able to transfer it over to other materials (like shopping bags & t-shirts!) easily.

"When it was time to get serious about blogging together, we received a great recommendation from Kara's sister-in-law, Elizabeth, who has a local food blog in STL. We were thrilled with Melissa's portfolio and even more thrilled at how reasonably priced she was for the talent we received. She was very accessible and interpreted at our needs and
design perfectly.

We are beyond happy with the outcome of our blog. It's fresh, modern and fun, exactly what we asked for." 

-Melina at Edit

You must go over and check out their blog! They are wildly successful in their business ventures, and you might just see a website design for their latest project coming soon ;)



Website Re-Launch Coming Soon!

Alrighty everyone! While I'm switching over to the re-launched website, the current website will be unavailable! Contact me directly at (melissa@melissarosedesign.com) with any inquiries! I'll keep you posted on the re-launch date...coming soon!


Custom Blogger Design: Pickle Doodle Designs

This latest design was such a fun one to work on! Pickle Doodle designs is a fun stationery shop, and she wanted her new blog design to go well with that upbeat theme & the style of her products.

For the design, I decided to do a more un-conventional navigation bar in order to keep things light & fun. I also designed the sidebar headers to be of varying fonts, colors, and styles to give the blog some extra flare. 

I love how it turned out. Take a look at the finished product!
She also added on the custom social media footer to her package to connect her social media outlets on every post!

Blogs are great ways to market your Etsy shop. They allow you to update your customers of recent products, as well as directing traffic to your shop! I also do Etsy Branding if you're looking to take your shop to the next level! I'd love to work with you to extend your brand!


Flash Sale on Premade Blog Designs!

Okaaay everyone! You asked for another flash sale, so here it is! I marked down a bunch of my most popular premade blog design $25.00 off!

This will be the last sale until 2013, so be sure to snatch one up while they are cut-down! Everyone likes a good deal right?! :)


The sale will end Wednesday, August 15th.


Custom Blogger Design: Southern Hospitality

This latest redesign was for the oh'-so-sweet Jordan over at Southern Hospitality. She came to me wanting a new, classy look for her lifestyle blog. Her previous design incorporated a pineapple, and she wanted to carry that on somehow in her new design. I had a lot of fun combining class & a little spunk to create this clean, fun, and crisp design.

"As bloggers we pour a lot of time and personality into our posts. We want the look of our blog to be a representation of ourselves as well, like you would your own home. So, to say I was a difficult customer would be a bit of an understatement. I was slightly vague with what I wanted, second guested myself, and was indecisive. Melissa is so accommodating, focuses on every detail, and truly wants her customers to be happy with the look. I had “shopped” around for a while and I couldn’t find a single design studio that would provide the quality or personalism that Melissa provided for such a great price. She created a one of a kind design that was cohesive from the header to the icons. This is just what I needed to give my blog a new fresh look and bring back a renewed inspiration for my writing."
-Jordan at Southern Hospitality

Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with, Jordan! I hope you're enjoying your new design!

If you're looking for a new blog to read, be sure to stop by and check out her blog!


Custom Blogger Design: The Notebook of a Product Junkie

Today, I have a fun & clean design to share with you all! When Crissy over at The Notebook of a Product Junkie came to me looking for a new design, I knew right away that it would be a fun one to work on. She had such fun colors in mind and I loved the overall focus (and name!) of her blog. I was eager to get started designing...and within weeks, we had a new design up and running!

Be sure to stop over and check it all out! While you're there, take a look at her custom "About Me" page, as well as her custom post signature (social media) linkup. Both of those features can be added on to the standard blog package!

"I found Melissa through Erin’s blog over at Living in Yellow. I knew my blog needed a redesign and I knew I wasn’t the person who was best suited to do it. I reached out to Melissa and from the first interaction I knew she was the perfect person to do it! I wanted a simple, pretty and girly look.  She took all my opinions into account and created different versions of what my perfect blog would be. Much to my many asks and changes, she was truly amazing and, have I mentioned patient? I didn’t feel rushed with my decisions and she made sure that every idea was considered and taken seriously. So Melissa, I sincerely THANK YOU from the bottom of this crazy heart! 

I had a blast designing this for you, Crissy! And I love how it turned out.Thanks for being such a great client! :)



In commemoration of a crazy-busy-moving week, I'm having a flash weekend sale on TWO brand new premade designs that were just launched today! 

The best part? They are $40 until Sunday (7/29) at midnight!

Order one here!

PS. I'm also running a $20 special on all custom Twitter Themes this week (like the one below!) 
Contact to order! Ends August 5th.


Custom Blogger Design: Feature: Gumdrops and Gloss

I'm so excited to feature this latest redesign today! Niki, blogger over at Gumdrops & Gloss, was a absolute pleasure to work with on this project. I loved the "look" she had described in her initial questionnaire, and I was eager to start designing. She wanted a fresh, clean, and chic design to showcase her food, beauty, and style blog. I love how it turned out, and am excited to see what else she has in store on her blog in the months to come! 

Take a look at the final product below, as well as how it came to be!

"I hired Melissa for a complete custom redesign of my blog and I am absolutely thrilled with her work.  I was looking for something very simple - mostly white with muted colors, but I still wanted my blog to have some style.  Melissa was a dream to work with.  She took into account the style of my blog, my personal style, and my favorite colors and created the perfect blog design for me.  She was very thorough, detail oriented, and so very sweet and patient with me even when I changed my mind a million times!  Melissa was also very upfront about the expectations and timeline, so I never had to wonder, and she kept everything perfectly on track.  I absolutely LOVE my blog design and I would recommend Melissa to everyone I know!" -Niki (Gumdrops & Gloss)

Be sure to stop over to her blog and check it out! She's got loads of great posts full of beauty reviews & fashion tips! 

And thanks again to Niki for being such a great client! Enjoy your new design! :)



Latest Design: Real Clear Cool

This custom blog design over at Real. Clear. Cool. was a blast to work on. Jennifer, writer & blogger, was looking to start fresh with a whole new blog and a new design, after deciding to change her blog name.

What a better way to start fresh than to use fun colors with a hint of neutrals! Orange is such a vibrant color, and I love being able to use it whenever I can!

Check out the final product!

Be sure to stop over to her blog and take a look around. She writes anything from family to finance, and has tons of great reviews.

- Melissa


Vacation PREMADE blog design sale!

Vacation PREMADE blog design sale! Enter the code "VACATION" on ANY premade blog design and receive 20% off! The only catch is that you have to wait until I get back from vacay on the 10th to receive your new design! Good starting NOW until June 7th! Patience pays? ;)

Shop Premades HERE!


Premades in Action!

Wondering what the premades look like live on site? Check out this recent premade install over at Little Miss MBA!

Premades are a great option if you're looking for a new look, without having to splurge on a custom design. It won't be one of a kind, but I can assure you it WILL be a fun, fresh, and clean look!

You can shop the premade designs here!

xoxo, Melissa


New Website + Blog!

Hey hey hey! You may have noticed something different at the old Cherry on Top Website. Well, that's because we've expanded! And no, I'm not talking about my waistline after eating those mini donuts yesterday. Cherry on Top is no longer. I've expanded my business into a full service Graphic Design Studio! Wahoooo. So so excited. But have no fear. The name switch doesn't mean the designs changed. Same designer, same blog designs, same everything. Except the name. Haha.

In addition to blog design (custom & premades!) I now offer birthday invites, birth announcements, wall art, and more! Everything your heart could ever dream of. Or I guess, rather my heart since I made them. Haha.
So be sure to check everything out on the new site (just click the SHOP button) and let me know what you think! I'll be adding more products soonly, so be sure to check back frequently.

Thank you SOOOO much for all the support these past few months with the blog shoppe. If it wasn't for all my A-MAZING clients, I wouldn't be here today opening this new studio. So THANK YOU x a trillion and a half! :)



Latest Design: Exactly As We Are (Custom Blogger Design)

One of my latest redesigns was for Rachael over at her new blog, Exactly as We Are. She is at a exciting point in her life and wanted to start a blog to document it all. I designed her blog to portray that "one of a kind" feel that her blog name gave off. I had such a blast designing this with a fun, yet subdued color palette. Be sure to stop over to her blog and check it out!


Latest Design: Cooking with Jax (Custom Blogger Design)

Boy do I have a fun custom blogger design to show you today! Jacqueline over at Cooking with Jax came to me looking for a fun, vintage, and pink candy shop inspired design. I knew right away that I was going to have loads of fun on this one. I'm a sucker for vintage design so I knew I would have a blast incorporating hints of that into this design. 

Be sure to stop over and check out her blog! She has wonderful original recipes that she posts every sunday! And they all look deee-llliiissshh.


Latest Design: Daisy at Lovely Memories (Custom Blogger Design)

My lastest redesign was for Daisy over at Lovely Memories. She was looking for a soft, natural, girly, and fun design. She also loves anything nature themed so we sought after a nature inspired design.  I was so excited to start, because I had been waiting for a fun, nature inspired theme to come along. So needless to say, I was finally able to pour out the ideas I had been storing up in my head on this lovely design!

Be sure to stop over to Lovely Memories and check it out! 
And most importantly, enjoy your new design, Daisy! :)


Latest Design: Sarah at Peace, Love & Sweet Tea (Custom Blogger Design)

Boy do I have a fun design to reveal to you today! Sarah over at Peace, Love & Sweet Tea came to me looking for a fun, upbeat, and modern custom design to match her spunky personality. She gave me an awesome color palette to work with, as well as the idea for the fun chevron background. I came up with some fun graphics to visualize her blog title and used a mix of clean, modern, classic, and fun fonts. It was such a blast to work on and I'm so happy with how it turned out! So be sure to stop over and check it out!

Thanks for being so great to work with, Sarah! Enjoy your new design!


Premade Shoppe Now Open!

Well, my lovely friends...the time has finally come to reveal to you my PREMADE shoppe! You might notice an extra tab up top. Yup, that's right. A brand spankin' new spin-off to my custom blog shoppe. I know that custom design is an investment, so I wanted to be able to provide quality designs at a fraction of the cost. All the designs are about half of what a custom one would cost! How's that for a deal?

But have no fear. I'm still offering custom design! This is just an addition to this little ole shoppe of mine! :) And I'll be adding more designs to the premade shoppe as I create them...so stay tuned!

I am offering both 2 column & 3 column layouts in my premade shop...so browse around and check all of them out!

I also have a stockpile of Social Media Buttons for sale! 

Oh, and be sure to "LIKE" Cherry on Top on Facebook. You might even find a special code for a special little discount on my Facebook Page good from now through next weekend. Just sayin... ;)

PS. I cannot thank all my clients enough for all the support and referrals the past few months! You are seriously da' best! Keep on spreading the word about my shoppe! I'm on Facebook, Twitter, AND now Pinterest so be sure to follow along, tweet me, and repin the designs! 


Latest Design: Kate at Sweet Southern Sunshine (Custom Blogger Design)

This latest redesign for Sweet Southern Sunshine was tons of fun to work on! I loved the color palette Kate envisioned (her wedding colors!) and I had a blast working these fun colors into a design. Be sure to stop over and check out her blog. She is a soon-to-be newlywed and her blog documents her journey to her big day. 

Enjoy your new design, Kate! :)


Recent Design: Living in Yellow (Custom Blogger Design)

Wowza! I have been so busy with designing that I didn't get around to posting about this wonderful blog redesign on here. A few weeks ago, I installed a new design for one of my favorite bloggers, Erin over Living in Yellow. If you have never stopped by her blog, then stop what you are doing right now and head on over. Seriously. I promise you will not be disappointed. She is hilarious and her posts are always bound to be entertaining. She is one funny gal, that's for sure! 

She recently remodeled her office (check it out here...it's too cute for words!) and she wanted her new blog design to match. I knew as soon as I saw the pics of her office that I was going to have WAY too much fun designing the blog. And sure enough...fun I had. 

Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with, Erin!
 Enjoy your new design & I will be awaiting your arrival to come decorate an office for me ;)
(I'm sure the roomies won't mind if I clear out one of their rooms to do so. I don't see a problem in that. Haha.)


Latest Design: Carrie at Bakeaholic Mama (Custom Blogger Design)

Boy do I have a wonderful blog to share with you all today. I was so excited when Carrie over at Bakeaholic Mama contacted me for a full blog makeover. Being a bakeaholic myself, I was particularly excited to be able to work on a blog full of wonderful recipes & beautiful photography. I would be lying if I told you that I didn't want to devour everything I saw while working on her site. She was so great to work with and I am so pleased with the final design. Be sure to stop by her blog and take a look around!


Recent Design: A Moment of Wonderful

One of my latest redesigns was for one of my good bloggy friends, Natalie at Moment of Wonderful. She was after a fresh new blog design that incorporated her love for Italy, as well as her love for soft, fun colors. Although her blog is filled with beautiful writing, this time she wanted her blog to speak what "wonderful" was through the design. Be sure to stop over and take a look at her blog. She is a fantastic writer and is as sweet as they get, so you won't want to miss out on this great read!

Enjoy your new design, Natalie! :)


Latest Design: Terry at Forever Decorating! (Custom Blogger Design)

This week has been crazy in my little blog design world! So many great blogs to work on! One of them was for Terry over at Forever Decorating! Terry is the queen of home decor (seriously!) and I was excited to work with the style she had in mind. Clean, vintage, shabby, and crafty were all words she wanted her new design to portray! Take a look and see how it turned out!

Enjoy your new design, Terry! :)


Latest Design: Damla at Foodistique

I am excited to finally be able to show you this latest redesign! Damla, over at Foodistique came to me with a vision of what she wanted her new design to consist of. She wanted it to be colorful, homey, and chic. She also wanted to somehow incorporate her love for Victorian teacups into the design. She had the idea of making her header some type of vintage kitchen shelf (which I loved!) with a bunch of different kitchen gadgets on top. Take a look at the final design! It was so much fun collaborating with her to get the design just how she envisioned it!

I love being able to take a client's vision and execute it into a design they love! 
Do you have a vision of what your dream blog would look like?


Latest Design: Juliane at Journey thru L

This weekend was a crazy (but fun) one for blog designing! I have been working with Juliane from Journey thru L to redesign her Wordpress blog. She was so great to work with and am so excited to be able to reveal it to everyone! I loved the color palettes she sent me for inspiration and together we worked to create this lovely representation of her and her journey through Law School. Take a look!

Be sure to check out her blog! She is the coolest soon-to-be lawyer on the block :)


Sidebar Spring Special!

Spring is slowly approaching so why not give your blog a little spring cleaning it deserves! Let me do all the dirty work to get your blog freshened up just in time for spring. If you're not in the market for a complete redesign but still want to give your blog a little sprucin' up then this might be the package for you! This might be the easiest spring cleaning you ever have to do ;) 
Also, be sure to note....

 - Spread the Blog Love -
Anyone who blogs about this special will also receive a FREE custom post footer ($5.00 value!) with their order!
(Details on order form!)

*** The label buttons included in this package are headers for your widgets (like seen on the right side of my sidebar or here). Please note: that this does not include a profile image/about me design or the social media panel design (but these can be purchased separately).

** 10 spots available at one time in the design queue. 
When the first 10 projects finish up, I will add more spots!

Special Ends April 20th!


Latest Design: Meg Cady Photography

I was so excited to have the chance to work with Meg again when she asked me to design her photography blog for her new business, Meg Cady Photography. I had worked with her a few months ago when she won a blog design contest to redesign her personal blog, Sweetly Complicated. She has been a wonderful client every step of the way and I am so excited for her as she embarks on her new business endeavor! She is one talented gal (and I secretly wish I lived in Texas so she could take my pics!). 

I love being able to help establish a small business through branding, so this was such a fun project!   If you haven't already, be sure to check out her new business blog here, as well as her personal blog here. Thanks for being awesomely-awesome, Meg! :)

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