Featured Design: The Farmer's Wife

Super fun design alert. When Amy over at The Farmer's Wife came to me looking for a new design, right away, I had so many ideas running through my head from the beginning. It's not often I get to do "country-chic"in my designs, so it's safe to say that my country roots loved it.

Here's what Amy had to say about the vision for her new design:
"My blog is about my daily life. I LOVE fashion, and try to incorporate that in. I am also a farmer’s wife, hence the name of the blog “The Farmer’s Wife.” … I don’t however want my blog to scream “redneck in overalls” type of blog."

I'm glad our visions were similiar, Amy! After taking into account the color palettes she gave me, and a little country-chic, here's the design I came up with!

Thanks for being such a great client, Amy!

And for everyone else, stop over to her blog to read her hilarious & adventurous blog!



Reserve a Custom Design Spot in 2013!

After limiting custom blog designs the past few months, I'm happy to announce that I'm opening up about 5 new spots for the beginning months of 2013. 

Here are some of my recent custom design projects!
Spots will fill up in the coming weeks, so be sure to contact me to reserve your spot for the new year!

Details on custom blog design here!


Featured Design: Life After...

Oh boy did I love working on this design for Kay over at Life After. (I know I say that a lot on here, but I truly love working on each and every one!) Kay is mom to a super adorable little boy, and her blog talks about just that!

She gave me some fun color palettes to work with, but for the most part let me have fun with it! I wanted her blog design to be light & fun, to reflect her bubbly personality (trust me...her blog is hilarious.)

Take a look at the final design!

Enough of my talking...get yourselves over to Kay's blog to see the design live and in action!



Premade Blog Designs
(Affordable & Quick Facelift!)

Looking for a fast blog design facelift? With the relaunch of my website, I added ALOT of fun, fresh, and new premade blog design templates! Take a look:
You can place an order or just check them out here!


Custom Blogger Design: Miss Tweedle

My oh' my was this a fun & colorful design to work on. Katie over at Miss Tweedle had a clear vision on what she wanted her new design to be.
Her goal for her blog is for it to become  the "it" blog for the new homemaker. With her talent for cooking, sewing, and more...I have no doubt her blog will spread like wild fire.

Here's part of the "vision" she gave to me to work with:

"Black bold capital font right across the middle of the header quite big saying "Miss Tweedle". Above it, the black silhouette of Miss Tweedle hanging things on the clothesline with heels on and a crinoline apron and the clothes on the line are bright colours like turquoise, fuschia, orange, yellow, lime green and neon pink."

In addition to her home page design, I did 2 custom content pages for her. Custom pages not only help unify your blog, but they also help readers easily navigate around it!

I love being able to take a client's "vision" and make it come to life through design! Thanks for being so great to work with, Katie! Hope you're enjoying your fresh new design! :

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