Featured Design: The Farmer's Wife

Super fun design alert. When Amy over at The Farmer's Wife came to me looking for a new design, right away, I had so many ideas running through my head from the beginning. It's not often I get to do "country-chic"in my designs, so it's safe to say that my country roots loved it.

Here's what Amy had to say about the vision for her new design:
"My blog is about my daily life. I LOVE fashion, and try to incorporate that in. I am also a farmer’s wife, hence the name of the blog “The Farmer’s Wife.” … I don’t however want my blog to scream “redneck in overalls” type of blog."

I'm glad our visions were similiar, Amy! After taking into account the color palettes she gave me, and a little country-chic, here's the design I came up with!

Thanks for being such a great client, Amy!

And for everyone else, stop over to her blog to read her hilarious & adventurous blog!



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