Wall Art In Action!

I was SO excited when I went to check in on a past client's blog to find photos of my wall art designs in action! Erin, over at Cali-Land Chic purchased two of my shop's wall art prints & also had me create two custom ones for her! One of those prints was a custom print of her blog's new header logo (see below photo). I had so much fun creating these prints for her new (adooorrabllee!!) craft room. Be sure to check out her post with more photos of the prints in action!
(This print available here. Other print designs can be found here.)

See the print from above in her real-life space? It's in the top right hand corner! I LOVE seeing my prints get put to use. I also worked with her to design the other 3 prints on the left & center. So fun.

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  1. YAY!!! I love love love the prints and you of course!!!
    Thanks girl!


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