Latest Blog & Logo Design: Edit

Okay people. I have to say that is one of my favorite blog designs of all time! I think mainly because of the color palette these wonderful ladies gave me to work with. Edit is made up of 2 sisters and their mom, who recently started a lifestyle blog based in Kansas City. They are planning to grow their blog into an actual boutique in KC, and needed a logo & blog design to brand themselves for this new venture.

So that's where I came in. They wanted their logo to be simple, yet fun. Something that had a tie to typewriters. I designed their logo to subtly resembler typewriter keys. With this simple logo, they will be able to transfer it over to other materials (like shopping bags & t-shirts!) easily.

"When it was time to get serious about blogging together, we received a great recommendation from Kara's sister-in-law, Elizabeth, who has a local food blog in STL. We were thrilled with Melissa's portfolio and even more thrilled at how reasonably priced she was for the talent we received. She was very accessible and interpreted at our needs and
design perfectly.

We are beyond happy with the outcome of our blog. It's fresh, modern and fun, exactly what we asked for." 

-Melina at Edit

You must go over and check out their blog! They are wildly successful in their business ventures, and you might just see a website design for their latest project coming soon ;)



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